Brian Simard

Started working construction: 2004

Position: Project Manager

Duties: Oversees and Manages Major Projects for Impeccable Interiors

Goals and Values: Brian’s primary goal is to leverage innovative construction strategies and sustainable practices to enhance project efficiency and profitability while minimizing environmental impact. Brian aims to lead by example, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, safety, and inclusivity. Brian Values integrity, quality, innovation, and teamwork.

Personal: Brian enjoys spending time with family, sports, snowboarding, hiking, and home improvement projects.
With a hands-on approach and a dynamic leadership style, Brian is not only a strategic planner but also a motivational leader who inspires his team to achieve their best. Brian is highly adaptable, navigating challenges with resilience and a positive outlook, making him a respected figure in the construction community and an asset to Impeccable Interiors. He is excited to propel Impeccable Interiors to new heights by spearheading projects that not only meet the evolving needs of clients but also contribute positively to communities and the environment. Brian is dedicated to fostering partnerships, advancing sustainable practices, and embracing innovative solutions that shape the future of building.